Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cutting The Budget

If any of you are like me (and you prolly are in some way or you wouldn't be reading this blog), you are frugal minded. Creating a budget is hard, but once you realize the FREEDOM that it brings, you create one and stick to it.

All of us have heard the "go over your budget and see what you can cut." But if you are like me, you have already done that. Time and time again, until you really can NOT cut ANY MORE out.

But here is an interesting twist from Frugal Hacks today.

Instead of looking over your budget looking for what you can cut, create a whole new budget using only HALF of the income! Not that you have to live on that, at least not right now. But in this economy, it is good to be prepared. How much better to have a budget prepared for that time, God forbid. And not only that, maybe you see you CAN do away with other things in the budget. Imagine that it all works out and you are able to put HALF of the income into emergency fund, or ROTH IRA (remember wives can have one too!), or better yet in a 401K that is matched!

I am taking the challenge. Who knows?!?! Maybe there is something there that can get us more money to set aside for retirement? :D


Jenny @ Nourished Kitchen said...

We've decided to challenge ourselves to live on half our income in 2010. We'll see how well we fare!

Lis @ Ace Cash Express said...

It's pretty challenging to do it really in real life, I mean, to implement a 50% cut in my monthly budget but I think I can't do it (in 50% cut). Maybe a 25% can motivate me to earn more but 50% is totally out of reach for now.