Monday, September 14, 2009

Gold Panning

We had a most wonderful opportunity to go gold panning with a good friend of ours. I LOVE homeschooling!! While we were there, we got to hear some history of the creek from a lady whose grandfather actually panned there!! IT was a BLAST and I and the family cannot WAIT to go again!!! Thank you "expert" for allowing us to tag along!

In the parking lot, the girls waiting for the 4 wheel drive car to come and get us.
Mini-vans might die on the way down. LOL!

JJ pointing to where we are going.
'Ders gold in 'dem 'dere hills!!!


Almost the whole gang. Believe it or not there are only three families here (mine included) and they are not even ALL in the picture!

MM really was a fast learner. I was really surprised at how quickly she took to panning! She really enjoyed herself and was always asking "the expert" if there was gold in her pan. She also REALLY liked helping the expert with her sloosh (sp?).

AA really surprised me. She got bit by gold fever! LOL!! She panned and panned and would have panned longer (we left here at 6:30AM, got there about 10, left about 4 or 5 and got home around 10PM). She really got the hang of it and TRULY enjoyed herself.

Up close of AA panning. And YES, there is gold in there. She actually found a good amount (maybe $2 worth)!! :D

AA with our friend, "the expert." AA was almost always by her side, learning, asking questions (mostly "is there gold in here?"). :D

I must admit that this surprised me the most. JJ grabbed a pan and actually tried panning! He was copying the movements of someone near by. When that pan swirled, JJ swirled his pan. When that pan went back and forth; JJ moved his pan back and forth. It was WAY cute!!


Gayle Gresham said...

The pictures of your children are priceless, Paula! Gold Fever was running rampant at Cache Creek. I loved having the chance to share my family's story with the children and parents. Made the time extra special!

hishappyapple said...

I can't wait to go up again with you and your family. I still love looking at all the pictures you and others took of our fun day.
This time while looking at the pics here on your blog it is neat to see everyone's hats. LOL. (I was wearing my hubbs hat because I didn't want my nice cowboy hat to fall in the water. LOL

I'll eventually blog about our day, too.

Cindy said...

Oh, how fun! And how beautiful it is there!

thehomespunheart said...

Hi Paula,

I loved this post! I always enjoy reading your blog - but I'm not very good at commenting. I'm still here, though!

Have a great day!