Monday, September 21, 2009

Little Miss MM


I finally finished the Cupcake Cradle Purse for MM.

I had seen a cradle purse (not even knowing what it was) at the local farmer's market a couple years ago. With the WONDERFUL gift of Ravelry, I was able to not only discover what it was called, but find several FREE patterns and variations. This one has been in My Ravelry Queue for quite some time to make for ONE of my girls (of course with MM being a little pinky girl, I was almost certain this would be her's).

And for those of you who remember the pillowcase nightgowns I made all my girls (THANK YOU AGAIN Rebecca!!!), yes that IS the SAME gown I made for MM. It is quite a bit shorter on her now (it comes to her knees instead of her ankles), but she still loves and treasures it (she even told me that I cannot sell it when she outgrows it because she wants to keep it to give to her daughters). :D

Of course she had to put her puppy in it instead of a doll! LOL!!


Tabby said...

I saw this in your projects on Ravelry--so cute! Years ago a dear friend crocheted FOUR of those classic baby doll purses for my daughters. They treasured them for a long time, as I'm sure your little girl will!

And thanks for checking in on me--still here, just no time to blog! LOL :)

Cindy said...

Oh, my! That is SO cute! And I love the gown too! :) I will have to make one for Jayla.....the gown, but maybe both. :)