Friday, September 11, 2009

Chosing Thomas

An incredible story of God's love. It amazes me that people think that abortion is any less painful or scary to a child. At least this child got to know the love of his parents, the kiss of warm lips, the sound of a father's voice loving him....

You have to watch this video.


Cindy said...

Wow, that was so hard to watch! I applaud this couple though for making the right decision, and their reward was that they got to have him for 5 days instead of throwing him away and never meeting him. I hope this video reaches others in similar circumstances.

Rebecca said...

I couldn't stop crying from the first narrative. It just got me intense the whole time until I could hardly breathe.

Watching him gasping for breath-oh man. I understand when I heard them pleading for him to let go. Preparing yourself for your baby to die is hard enough to do...once.

What a profound moment, when she said at the end "It wasn't because we were hoping for a miracle. It was because he is our son."

I do hope many see and recognize this as the truth.

What an incredibly strong family.