Monday, March 24, 2008

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program...

I know, today is supposed to be about finance. But today is about my son. In fact, everyday for the past few weeks have been about my son JJ.

He has sadly begun ruminating again. I cannot express how my heart aches at the thought of this. Mostly because everything out there puts the blame on the relationship between mother and child for it happening. Mostly because there is such a high mortality rate. And mostly because he is killing himself and I don't understand why. I have given my life to this child. I have been separated from my family for this child. I have gone weeks without sleep for this child. And I would do it all again in a heartbeat for my child whom God has blessed us with. But I don't know why this is happening again.

I know that might sound strange to some. How can a child who is so sick that you are killing yourself for be a blessing? God says ALL children are a blessing. And if you met JJ, you would know that life would be incomplete and sorrowful without him.

None of the doctors in our city know anything about rumination syndrome. And even the doctor who was assigned JJ in the hospital knows nothing about it. In fact, I highly doubt she believes that JJ has rumination syndrome. I am going to be starting another blog about JJ and his journey and will link back in this post to the new blog. But I will be taking off a week from blogging on this blog to do so.

Not to mention there are only a handful of doctors in the COUNTRY that treat rumination syndrome. Thankfully, one lives only an hour's drive away (Teri, we might have more opportunity to meet now than you think). Our insurance does not cover it, which means a lot of petitions to the insurance company.

Your prayers are appreciated.

UPDATED - Link to the rumination site:


Donetta said...

After reading up on this. It sounds less uncommon then one might think. Take courage. Be Embraced. Do not let who you are be assaulted by the ignorance and judgment of others. Remember Who you are.:)

Paula said...

Donnetta, I would love to know what info you are reading about rumination syndrome because everything I have found has been about the high mortality rate and how rare it is and how there is no real treatment for it. Even the doctor who diagnosed him said in his 40 years of practice he had only seen 3 cases. And when I asked the specialist if she could just consult with those down here, I was told that there really wasn't a treatment plan because the reasons for it starting are so varied. And none of the specialists here in the city where we live have even heard of it. While we were in the hospital, after the diagnosis, we were a case study because we were told there was so little info about this because it is rarely caught before the child dies from it, and that possibly more deaths that are unknown could be rumination syndrome but goes undiagnosed. Thanks for your support. I truly appreciate it!