Thursday, March 6, 2008

Brian's MRI and Tidbits

Thanks for the prayers. It went well. I was worried that he might get claustrophobic, but he did fine. Now we just have to wait for the results.

I forgot to include on our Feb 2008 Update about our electric bill. It went down $80 from last month! :) Now it is true, that about now, with a few more warmer days in the mix, we do see a slight drop in our electric bill. But in the month of Feb, we are still usually in the $200's (our utility bill includes electric, gas, water and waste water). We are now very close to $180!! How are we doing it? We keep the thermostat constantly at 60F. This is 8 degrees below what they recommend. We have extra blankets on all the beds. And during the day, we just make sure to wear layers. We let the sun light in during the day, and close the shades at night to keep that heat in. And the children rarely complain. When they do, it is usually because they are wearing their summer clothes. :)


EE: Momma, when I grow up I want to have 20 kids!
A little while later:
EE: Momma, what is five 20's?
Momma: 100.
EE: That's how many kids I want to have. And I will read them the Bible in the morning and in the evening and in the afternoon and ...welll... just all the time. Just Bible, Bible, Bible, Bible, Bible.


Because our church teaches verse by verse, sometimes we end up talking about the birth of Christ when it is not Christmas (and vice versa, we end up not talking about the birth of Christ at Christmas).

So, we are sitting in the sanctuary as a family and the pastor asks "How many wise men were there?" And sweet, precious EE says in a loud, so proud of myself voice "THREE!"

Of course that drew quite a few chuckles from the members sitting close enough to hear.

But of course the pastor pointed out that we really do not know how many there were. While there were three GIFTS, there could have been wise men numbering two or three of four or ... well, you get the idea. :)

All this to say that the children ARE listening during service! And they can understand! :) She was drawing at the time and I really had no idea she was even listening. :)

And on a very sad note, Mike Huckabee has gracefully withdrawn from the race. Shortly before his withdrawal, still fighting for the Republican nomination, he appeared on Saturday Night Live. This was hillarious! (video below)

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