Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tuesday Link Up - it's a baragin!

If you LOVE to shop, you will LOVE Retail Me Not. There are coupon codes for just about any store (Safeway, Papa John's, etc.).

Now if you are like me, you usually spend up to an hour or two shopping for coupon codes, and if you are lucky enough to find one, it usually does not work.

Retail Me Not has a rating system which rates the success of the coupon code!

If you are blessed enough to own a Mac (instead of a PC), there is a RetailMeNot widget! Makes it quick and easy to access the site.

There is a Firefox extension for RetailMeNot.com. If you do not have Firefox as your browser ... WHY NOT?!?!?! It is the best! LOL!! It is a free download and has all these cool FREE extensions. Including the one for Retail Me Not.

HT: Wise Bread - be sure to check out the comments for other coupon sites!

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