Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday's Three Things Finance

Three things I learned about finances this past week:

I did it. I FINALLY started a price book. I have not looked up how to do it. I have not even looked at someone else's price book. I know what I want to accomplish and how I want to start shopping. I want to start stockpiling. I want to create a menu based on what I have and buy things when they are a GREAT price.

So I am writing down what things I buy, the price per ounce. Then I am going to put everything in a list. I am only doing this for three stores because I do NOT want to drive all around. Here are my stores to shop a (from closet to farthest):

King Soopers (so close I can walk to it)
Super Target (I could walk if I wanted to, but I would rather drive than carry home all those groceries)
Costco (a little bit of a drive, but I usually go to stores near it anyway)
Bargain Grocery Store (40 minute drive away, but I have to get close to it twice a month with JJ's physical therapy - cannot price book here because they never have the same thing twice, it is kinda like, but for groceries)


A budget does not do you any good unless you stick to it. At the end of the month, you wonder where your money went and why you don't have that extra bit to pay towards your snowball. And one should not look at a budget as something to confine you. Rather, look at it like you are telling your money WHERE to go and WHAT to do. Just like if you want an orderly household, each person has a certain responsibility for helping to maintain the house. So it is with money. Each PENNY (yes, you must account for every penny) is told where to go and how it is to be used. :) Much more freeing!


It is really important to find out what works and motivates YOU. What works for someone might not work for you. And remember that as you learn and grow, you might change your mind. THAT IS OK! I know that my way of thinking about grocery shopping has totally changed. And now when I read articles that USED to encourage me (about creating a list, then shopping), I am not nearly as motivated and encouraged as when I read about stockpiling. :)

Three links to help you with your finances:

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Three financial links for articles I have read recently:

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