Friday, March 21, 2008

Celebrating Easter

Instead of candy this year, we are going to do promises. After all, our God is a God of promises and He fulfilled a most AWESOME promise when Jesus rose from the dead!

So a few eggs will have some candy, but most of them will have paper written with promises, such as:
  • New book (from Goodwill of course, my kids are always in the book section when we goto Goodwill!)
  • Your choice of tooth brush. (I know we will end up with a LOT of princess toothbrushes on this one.)
  • Alone time with Mommy.
  • Alone time with Daddy.
  • Trip to the Dollar Store.
  • Bag of craft supplies (this has some cut up ribbons and stickers and paper to make cards).
  • Extra computer time.
  • Bath in Mommy's bathtub (why Mommy's tub is special I don't know :D )
  • A flower from the store (carnations are less than $1).
(Can you help us think of anymore?)

We also do Resurrection Rolls from scratch.

We also the the Passion video series from Nest Family Entertainment. Nest does the best job of staying accurate to Scripture and fills in the movie with other historical events. It is VERY accurate and we are very pleased. I think this year we are also going to add watching The Gospel of John to the mix. It is a little more detailed than the Jesus movie and it goes verse by verse through the Bible.

Well, we will be off from the computer for the whole of Easter weekend, so I hope you have a wonderful and blessed Easter!!

And if you replied to my prayer post, know that I am praying for you.

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