Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday Link Up - a little bit of everything

As if Firefox was not cool enough with all the FREE plugins you can use. Here is a plug in for the Webster's 1828 dictionary!! WOOHOO!!

Goto this site
Scroll down till you see FIREFOX PLUGIN on the left hand side.
Click on the I to install it.
Now up next to where the URL is (and where you can search google), you now have an M in a blue box. That is the search for the 1828 Webster's Dictionary!! Type in whatever word you want to search. To get back to the google search, click on the M in the blue box and you will see you can select the G for google to search google again! :)

Overwhelmed and Distracted - I wish I had the gift to say so much with so few words! I too have times where I want to "dis" everything. :) A very good read and reminder.

Being married for over 12 years, my husband has seen everything from me clipping my toenails to giving birth. I was recently reading what your husband wishes he could tell you, and I realized that part of the reason the "romance" may be gone, is because I have been a little too open and need to be a little more discrete to keep that romance alive. It is pretty hard to see your wife as beautiful when she is contorting herself to clip that toe nail juuuuuuuusssst right. :) A really good read.

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