Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tuesday Link Up: Morning Ramble

I have found another blog that is a must read. Morning Ramble is a blog that will really touch your heart. It has great posts that are truthful and edifying. AND she is vegan too (or at least does vegan baking/cooking). She has a GREAT beauty and dress tips post. And she has two wonderful posts perfect for this time of year about greed and going back to the true spirit of giving.

Sorry this is so short today, but I guarantee it is a good one and will keep you busy. The direct links above are to some of her more recent articles I found of wonderful interest!

It hurts to type. I am not sure if I broke my arm or just sprained every ligament in it. Thankfully it is my left arm. Got some WONDERFUL advice from Well Tell Me. Usually everything is already answered and I just have to search. Rarely do I have to ask. :) Heading out to get some comfry root right now. Thanks for your prayers!


Just checked Annie's Attic Free Pattern and today's is a GOOD ONE! Little stockings that would make the cutest garland for your tree or your hearth!

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Patty said...

thanks for the kind words about my blog. I really enjoyed reading yours this morning.