Monday, December 3, 2007

Buy Handmade

Check out THIS ADORABLE craft kit I just got for AA! I LOVE this shop! It is called fritzbits and I cannot wait to see what other kits she creates. I don't know fritzbits, and this is my first order from her. I get nothing for mentioning her, I just thought it was a great gift idea for the daughter that loves to create from bits! :) I will let you know when it arrives and how it arrived and all when it gets here.

There is a pledge going on around the blogs to buy handmade this year. Especially with all the recalls and lead paint and all. May I encourage you, even if you are making all your gifts this year to buy at least one handmade item. The great things about fritzbits is that you are buying handmade and what you get you can make more handmade items! :)

And don't forget on the left hand sidebar of this blog is a listing of some of the items in my store. Click on a picture to take you to the item, or click on the link to get to my shop. And thank you for your support! :)

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