Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Please Vote For Me!!!!

Vote 4 me at PenScrappers.com!

I made a layout for a contest and would love it if you would go and vote for me. PLEASE share with your friends. You can vote for other layouts you like too. This contest is based on VOTES (i.e. more on popularity than on technique or skill) so the more people who vote for me the better.

THANKS!!! To vote, click on the image above. Next to the layout (which has the pictures from the princess photo shoot I did - THANK YOU REBECCA!!! I never would have had good pictures for this kit if it had not been for you!) is a VOTE tag/button. Click on that!

THANKS!!! And again, feel free to pass on the link asking your friends to vote too!! THANKS!! :D

1 comment:

TruthSeeker said...

Wow, that's AMAZING!!! I probably would have voted for yours anyway, whether I knew you or not! It is so pretty!