Thursday, November 12, 2009

Foto Friday - Leaves

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I had so much FUN doing these pictures. THANK YOU REBECCA!!! If you have not already read the story behind these photos, I encourage you to do that. It really is worth the time, at least I think it is. :D

(edited to add: OK... after seeing every one else's photos, and they are of just leaves, I feel really bad. I think I messed up on the assignment. But how could I NOT take these shots of my kids?!?! I am sorry Rebecca and other fellow FF followers. Rebecca - feel free to remove my link if you do not think I completed the challenge as stated. I will not be offended at all! :D )

So we headed to the last place I had been where I saw lots of leaves and there was a most beautiful bridge there. I told the kids about throwing in a leaves and watching them race under the bridge (there was a beautiful running river flowing under the bridge), and of course they went NUTS throwing LEAVES over the bridge. Not just one or two for a race ... but literally...

Here is one of JJ on the bridge. I love the shot, but hate the exposure! No matter how much I played with it, I could NOT get his face brighter!

Here is another one of JJ on the bridge. I love this one too!!!

I was TRYING to get a sun flare on this one, but but it did not work. Any thoughts on how to do something like this in the future??

Here is JJ on the stairs playing with the leaves while I was trying to set up a shoot (see a couple shots below), and all he cared about was playing in the leaves. SO CUTE!!!
leaves05 leaves06

Here is the shot I was setting up. AA was AWESOME in helping with this shot. I had said what I wanted, but she interpreted it differently, telling each of her siblings where to sit. I loved it so much that I was not about to say a word about what my vision was.


Peggy said...

I love your pictures! What better way to capture leaves then with you own children!!

Wendy said...

These photos are beautiful and look candid. One day your kids will look back at these and smile...I love it...I also love how the leaves are on the steps that was very cool!

Jemit said...

Is there anything more fun than taking pictures of kids in leaves? And you have darling cooperative children..hehehe.. they really are sweet. Looks like they had a really fun time and you incorporated the leaves too!

Devildogwife said...

Great job. Ah, yes, I miss the fall leaves as does my Munchkin. I enjoyed reading the "behind the scenes" on this park photo shoot. :)

Nanci said...

Beautiful photographs. Beautiful kids.

Rebecca said...

I can't believe I haven't commented yet! I could have sworn I did!

Oh well.

I get more and more impressed with your "skillz" every week. You take lovely photographs.

The second one down: I would try to make that one a black and white because of the great contrast. Then, you can adjust the "fill light" without washing him out too much because---he is already WHITE! hehe

As for the fourth one down: I usually angle the sun so it is "kissing the corner" Just the tip is showing. Or I put something in front of it (like a person or tree) but only if they don't cover the WHOLE sun. But. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't--and I have never known why/how/what the difference was. I had to look it up (and I learned something so THANK YOU!!!) and found that if you adjust your aperture to F/22 (or around there) glare will be more likely to occur! That's what I read and I hope to get out sometime this week to test out the theory! Hope that helps.

And for the last one:
1) that is a superb bridge. Incredibly jealous of it.

2) That is so sweet that your daughter was getting into it

3) I liked her perspective!

...they call me mommy... said...

These are really neat photos! I love the last one with your kiddos on the steps!

You photos are fine...A LOT of things can fall under leaves...I used my daughter also for this assignment! :)


Tracy said...

I'm late getting around to viewing everyone's photos, but these are wonderful, Paula! I'm glad that you included your children in the photos. You captured them and the leaves very nicely!

hillary@dark :: light said...

Oh these are GORGEOUS!!!! WHat a lovely location!!! Is that a park or a magnificent old castle?? I would be there everyday!!!!

I love ALL these so much! Especially the back view of your children going up the steps ~ the colors of your daughter's dress are striking.

SO BEAUTIFUL! Now going to vote for you! ;-)

Full of Grace said...

You are one Loco Chica!!! :) This challenge is based on everyone's interpretations of each subject- this is YOURS and they are GREAT!

I would have been "kicked out" a long time ago if I didn't do the challenges based on my own interpretation and every single one of them (except this foto friday) has my kiddos as subjects.

That is because Kids are Perfect Subjects in a variety of themes! :)

Now that I've given you the proverbial slap on the wrist,just know that I LOVED YOUR PICTURES!!! :) They are the perfect fall photos!!!

Great Job and Well Done :)

Bonnie said...

They are all beautiful pictures, but that last one takes the cake!