Monday, November 9, 2009

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Single Serving Pie In A Jar
OH MY WORD!! These are SO CUTE!! What a great way to use up those little canning jars that you think you will always get around to using, but never do. ;) I gained ten pounds just looking around on this blog. YUMMO!!!

We Need All The Help We Can Get
LOVE this idea for cold frames.

Low Cost DIY Build Your Own Greenhouses

Weston Price Book

Free math book from the 1800's! WAY COOL!!!

An Easel ...
Check out the easel frame (and the AWESOME pictures in it)!! It makes me totally want to declutter the whole house so I can paint and put up an easel frame like that! :D

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Dawn @ My Home Sweet Home said...

Thanks for the link! I wish I had been able to find more of those easel frames.