Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Leaves and Vets

As I was taking pictures for the next foto friday challenge (leaves), this old man on a bike walks up to us and asks me for a favor. He asked me if I knew today was Veteran's Day. "Yes Sir." I replied. He told me of how he was a veteran - he had fought in the Vietnam war. He asked if I would please take a picture of him with my kids. How could I refuse?! I thanked him for his service to our country and gladly brought my children over to pose for a picture with this unsung hero.

As I was explaining to my children about what today was and meant, the old man started crying. It near broke my daughter's hearts to see him crying. We all then posed for the picture. "EVERYBODY SAY THANK YOU!" "Thank you!"

vet and kids

After the picture was taken, he asked one of my girl's to hold his hat and "watch this." He then proceeded to do not one, not two but FIVE forward head-over-heals flips! I could not believe how agile this man was!

vet quadpic tumble

What an honor to take his picture. What a privilege to have my girls so close to him and meet him. And I will be printing these out and framing them as a gift to him. Bringing them by on Thursday as we will be on that side of town again tomorrow.

vet close

Thank you to ALL the veterans who have helped to make this country free.


TruthSeeker said...

How fun! Great pictures and such an awesome LIFE moment! :)

Bella said...

Beautiful post, beautiful pics. THANK him for me too.

Rebecca said...

WHAT a story! That is incredible.

It is so neat to see what might really touch a person's life and what might just pass by unnoticed. I am glad that that man didn't pas by unnoticed on that day.

(PS> He had an amazingly photographable face, didn't he?! Such depth!) Thank you for sharing!