Friday, November 6, 2009

Foto Friday - Dress Up

The challenge was dress up. I must admit that I am SO THANKFUL to Rebecca for this challenge. I had the BEST time. I had the girls go downstairs and grab things from our dress up room. And they had so much fun. The grabbed an outfit and came upstairs for a photo shoot! I had some roses that were near dead. So we grabbed the petals to throw on each other (well the girls throw on each other) for fun. :D

Someone asked me if I had a studio and used professional lighting. No, I wish. The white sheet is just a cheap white flannel sheet from Goodwill (I think). We used PVC pipes to rig up a sort of stand to hold the sheet. The lighting is natural lighting from our bedroom window. You can see the shadow and the light from the window on the floor and on MM in the "behind the scenes" shot. :D HTH!

Here is one of AA that I just LOVE!
She looks so elegant So grown up! My goodness where does the time go?!?!

Here is one of EE when the petals were thrown at her. I love the look on her face! Unfortunately, none of the petals made it in the shot. MM was throwing and did not know quite where to aim.

And here are a few of MM. She is the most photogenic of all four of my children. So almost every photo of her came out.



And of course, one of the behind the scenes. Do forgive the messy background! And as always, feel free to leave constructive criticism! :D


Jemit said...

Awww... how beautiful your girls are.. I especially like the one with petals flying.. woohoo!
Looks like they had some fun.

Devildogwife said...

They all turned out really well, but my favorite has to be the one with the flying petals. That would have been a great one for the motion challenge as well. ;)

thehomespunheart said...

Oh, I love these! So sweet, so beautiful, so pure. Lovely!

Bonnie said...

These are sweet, and you can tell the girls had fun!
I have to echo the others and say the flying petals is my favorite too!

Full of Grace said...

These all are absolutely beautiful- I really have to use the "white sheet" method. You and Rebecca have both done it and your pics have such a great quality about them.

My favorites was your top Renaissance princess, she is so sweetly beautiful-and the one of the flower petals swirling around in the air..

Beautiful Job!

Rebecca said...

All of them are beautiful. JUST beautiful.

And by "them" I mean: the pictures AND the girls!

I remember doing a rose petal throwing "shoot" when Corynn was so teeny and the petals wound up being demolished and rubbed into the carpet and a real pain to clean up but those are some of my most favorite pictures of her.

It is hard to choose which are my favorite. I love them all.

Constructive criticism, since you asked... I would have loved to see your daughter's face more in the first one. I know the look you were going for was contemplative but that could have been achieved by beening upclose and not so elevated from the subject so the dress AND the expression could be "caught".

The one with the petals flying is stunning. She is perfectly in focus but the motion is still caught.

I noticed also--eyes are nice and sharp! ;-)

PS. Loved YOUR behind the scenes shot...and am now incredibly green with pvc pipe envy. I am SO stealing that idea someday. You are very clever to have come up with it!

Tracy said...

These are all pretty, but like the others, I like the petals flying. Great job. It looks like the girls had fun, too.

Paula said...

I had actually thought of the rose petals for the motion one, but did not get a chance to do it. Which is a GOOD thing because then I had the petals for THIS!! I think they go much nicer.

Rebecca - THANKS for the CC. I tried all different shots with her. She is not photogenic AT ALL. That was the only one that came out of her that looked nice. BUT I will remember those tips for the future. :D

Peggy said...

I truly enjoyed these photos! They are truly lovely!

...they call me mommy... said...

SO SWEET! Awesome shots! :)