Monday, November 2, 2009

Current Web Readings

This is a GREAT new blog I discovered through another blog. LOL!! :D Every week they have a different themed contest (this coming week is balloons). Every Friday they have a photo fix up challenge (if you do not have Photoshop you can use GIMP - it is a free program that does a LOT of the stuff Photoshop does). Every week they have an inspiration post which either gives you great tips on taking better pictures OR gives you photo editing tips. DEFINITELY worth checking out.

Jar Of Fun
I LOVE this idea!! This idea could be done per season too (change the ideas for the season like a winter one could be make pinecone turkeys, create paper snowflakes, bake cookies for the neighbors). This blog has other great ideas so be sure to check it out.

To The Outskirts
I discovered this blog through her beautiful pictures shared on the Fun For Nothin Flickr group.

Imagine Childhood
Beautiful beautiful blog. I discovered this blog through the blog above.

Homeamde Cloth Napkins
Not just your ordinary ones, but 20 made from a $4 Goodwill twin flat sheet!! YIPPEE!!!

Free Curriculum List
For every subject. This is very well thought out and organized list of links to free curriculum (like Ambleside Online). Well worth your time to check out. You can homeschool for free!

Ebook PDF listing
GREAT collection for free pdf ebooks to help with homeschooling! :D

Bus Songs
There is ajust about every fun kids song you can imagine here! Music and lyrics. AWESOME!!

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