Thursday, October 1, 2009

Homeschool Art Show - WINNER!

AA With her Picture
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I am so very very proud of my daughter. She is a winner. Not because she won a ribbon for her entry (which she did), but because she entered in the first place.

We have not ever entered a contest before. For anything. But the photography bug has bitten AA (her father's influence - it has also bitten me) and she loves to take pictures. And when the opportunity arose for her to enter an art show, she could hardly wait.

She had originally picked three pictures to enter. But sadly, we had computer problems and lost all three pictures. THANKFULLY, she had not erased her card containing one of the pictures, the Shaker Village picture she wished to enter was still there.

During our recent vacation to KY, we had the IMMENSE pleasure of visiting the Shaker Village. AA fell in love with the Village.

The picture is taken from inside the church, looking out at the woman (dressed as a Shaker) right before her presentation on the music and worship of the Shakers.

I am so proud of my daughter. When she entered, she said that she hoped to win a ribbon, but even if she didn't, she would be happy. That to me, makes her a true winner.


Donetta said...

Good Evening,
Wow that took me back. The dear friend spoken of in that post kept her marriage. He began to grow as a Christian...smiles come to think of the day...

I need to make some tea has been a while. That french press is now in the camping gear the handle broken. Now I use my china pot.
I fill it with Reverse Osmosis filtered water (a trip to Russia) good water is a must. Get it short of a boil, then loose tea seep it 4-5 minutes and a china cup a must too:)
Cover the pot to keep it warm.
Paula I think I will make a pot of tea on the morrow.
Your beautiful heart reminded me of yet another healthy way I comfort me soul. I have been on a quest to examine the ways to do so while on a task of the soul of late.
Thank you.
Be Embraced

Tis a gift to be simple tis a gift to be wise tis a gift to climb down where we ought to be and when we find our self in the place just right

we will be in the valley of love and delight.

So dance dance wherever you may be
I am the LORD of the dance said HE
and I'll lead you all wherever you may be yes I'll lead you all in the dance said HE....

I danced under the moon in the garden tonight. The dirt on my hands from transplanting the tomatoes.

Dance Paula dance.

We were there 13-14 years ago before we adopted my daughter.

thehomespunheart said...

Oh, that is sooo neat! I love her photo, her heart about entering and the fact that she won!

Prairie Lady said...

Congratulations to your daughter. I agree entering is so much fun. We entered the state fair this year.

Prairie Lady

Shelley Haganman said...

What a beautiful photo! I hope she is encouraged by this to do more. She has an "eye" for it!