Monday, October 12, 2009

Current Web Readings

You have to have a FB account to view this video, but it is really good.

Storybook Woods
I think I have shared this blog here before. It is wonderful! So with Autumn FINALLY here, this blog is sure to have some great posts and beautiful pictures!

Change Your Facebook Privacy Settings to KEEP PRIVATE

Great idea for organizing!
Clever Ideas to Declutter

The Best Camera iPhone app
This is TOTALLY AWESOME!! I read about it first on Scott Kelby's blog (yeah, I know I am no professional photographer, but still like to learn to be the best I can be). I want me an iPhone SO BAD so I can get me this app!!! :D I am thinking of buying it for my hubby for Christmas! :D

Wraps Per Inch
How to determine the weight of yarn if the label does not say or is missing.

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Tabby said...

I'd say thanks for sharing the iphone app, except now I'm pining for something I didn't even know existed! *sigh* Maybe the money I save with couponing can go towards an iPhone? Think I can convince dh? :)