Thursday, October 15, 2009

Foto Friday - Water

My sweet friend Rebecca has started a
My Linky with PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS! It is called Fun Foto Friday (OK, so I threw the word Fun in there, but it IS honestly FUN!)

She challenges you with a subject, then gives you one week to take pictures. This past Friday, I missed getting mine up (sorry Rebecca), but am posting it anyways (just for her).

The subject was water. And when I woke up and took the trash out, there was water over EVERYTHING! I had never seen such thick dew! I covered the trees and was dripping. It sounded just like rain drops! Thick thick THICK I tell ya!

And OH SO BEAUTIFUL!! I could not HELP but take pictures! So here are my pictures of natural water (comment away Rebecca and help me be better!). I already used her tip for making the colors pop (did I do a good job?), so I hope you like 'em!!! :D





Bonnie said...

Paula, those are gorgeous!

Jemit said...

I love your water photos.. such elegance!

Rebecca said...

OK missy. I've been waiting ALL day for the promised photos and to no avail.

That is just mean and cruel.

In the meantime, I enjoyed my view of water-crusted needles. What a beautiful view. I love how with photography, not only do we get a lasting impression, but we notice these beautiful little things even more!

I am so excited that you are going to participate in these challenges when you are able!!

Tabby said...