Monday, October 5, 2009

Current Web Readings

A New Way To Darn Socks
This is AWESOME!!! :D

October is Scrap Busting Month at Sew Mama Sew

Herbal Roots
This is a GREAT Herbal Magazine for children!!! :D LOVE IT! Wish I could afford a subscription!

Historical Paper Doll Sets

Bento Box Lunch Caddy
Remember my Bento Box adoration?? Well one of my FAVORITE crochet sites (Crochet Liberation Front) has a GREAT FREE online magazine (called Crochet Uncut) and this month is has a MOST ADORABLE pattern for Bento Boxes!!! :D WOOHOO!!!

How To Make Scratch Off Lottery tickets
This is AWESOME!! What a great reward for a job well done - you know, where the kids go above and beyond! :D Give 'em a scratch off ticket with some sort of prize: ice cream with mom or dad, a trip to the $1 store, a toothbrush, a book from Goodwill, etc.

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