Friday, October 30, 2009

Foto Friday - Motion

The challenge was motion. ICK! I did not like ANY of my pictures (although hers came out amazing so be sure to see them!!!). The snow has finally stopped, the wicked wind (and yes, it was WICKED) has finally left, and the sun has come out. So I am going to get some pictures of snow ball fights for motion and see if they come out. So I will post another motion post later today if they come out. :D

But until then, here are my tries. I was thinking of a kid and a lollipop.

Here is my first try:
Motion Lollipop try 1
Somewhat good, but now, Rebecca, can you see what I mean about focusing on the eyes? :D

Second try:
Motion Lollipop try 2
It is OK, but still SOMETHING should be IN FOCUS. The lollipop looks great though! :D

Third try:
Motion Lollipop try 3
Would have been PERFECT if those darn eyes were in focus!

Two more shots of my daughter loom knitting. These were taken just trying to capture motion:

Loom Knitting Needle
REALLY close to coming out good. The loom and hand holding the loom should have been in focus that would have been the perfect shot.

Loom Knitting Up And Over
Better. The yarn is in focus! :D YEA! The hand is almost in focus.

-=-=-=-=-=-=back with snow shots-=-=-=-=-=-

OK here is my first try. I had MM throw snow up in the air and took the shot.
I love how it came out, but it would be better if the snow flakes had some motion blur to them.

Here is my second try. I had JJ throw snow up in the air.
He is not in focus but the background is. LOL!! Got some lblur on the flakes and him (he was moving). Getting better.

My third attempt.
I have to admit that THIS is my favorite. Although I do wish SHE were in better focus. She was knocking snow off the tree.

Here is another one of her knocking snow off the tree.
What parts of her that are not moving are in focus. :D

Here us another attempt. MM was walking and she fell.
I have no idea how she is in focus in the middle of a fall but the snow she kicked up isn't. LOL!! But I loved her smile, even though she fell.

And my final attempt, MM throwing snow.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one. She looks great. Her beautiful smile. She is in focus. The snow thrown is not. I have no idea how it happened, but I am so thankful it did.

I honestly do not know what I am doing. LOL!! I took a lot of pictures and played around a lot with shutter speed and aperture. I have a book that I will be reading on this subject.

As always, your comments and constructive criticism are always appreciated!!


Bonnie said...

The lolli-pops are great, and wow, thats a lot of snow!

Jemit said...

I love that one of shaking the pine limb and the snow going all over.. really wonderful!
It reminds me of one brisk winter day when my then 8 mo old son and I stood under the big pine in the front yard at the farm after a big snowfall. Wendell took the picture and just as he did, baby Paul reached out and grabbled the pine branch and the snow literally dumped on us both! Oh, you brought back such a great memory to me!!

Wendy said...

Love Love LOVE the snow pictures! I think my favorite is the one where your daughter is throwing it up in the air...Great job!!

Peggy said...

I really like the snow pictures! Especially the one of your daughter partially hidden by the tree!! My husband just found the "Digital Field Guide" to our camera so I will be diligently reading up on shutter speed and aperture this weekend! Any thing glean on the subject would be greatly appreciated as well!!

...they call me mommy... said...

Love, love that last one! GREAT JOB!!! :D


Tracy said...

I like both pics of MM knocking the snow off the tree. Good job!

Rebecca said...

That second one loom knitting is pretty cool~ the loom is perfectly in focus! I think that is so great that she is a little knitter! (BTW~I have so enjoyed looking through all your crochet projects...I am just floored at how many things you have accomplished. I think you must be a very fast crocheter~every project always takes me AGES to complete!)

My favorite is the last one. What a PRECIOUS precious shot. Perfect in every way.

Rebecca said...

I have been checking everyone's blogs out and went to the Zombecks and totally spazzed when i saw that bottom one. I immediately wrote all the praises I could and forewarned my plagerism. Then I read all the comments and burst out laughing at yours because...


:-) You are great!

Full of Grace said...

I loved all the snow pics! You definately captured motion :) (I also like the one where the snow is being brushed of the treelimbs)

Cindy said...

How fun! I think the first and last snow pics are my faves, not just for the motion, but they're cool....and the very first one with the sucker. Awesome shots! I think I might join in on these challenges too, but I need a new camera first. :(

Devildogwife said...

The sucker shots are fun. My favorites are all of the snow shots. Munchkin is a little jealous of the snow. ;)