Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Men and Their Gloves

So the men in the house now have their gloves - and they match!!!

Here are Brian's: They are the pattern FREE DIGITS from CrochetDude.
It is not a free pattern, but I checked out the book from the library.

Here are JJ's: they are a free pattern called Rowan's Wristies.
I found them on Ravelry!
Gimme Pownd

What is cool is 1) that they MATCH! 2)One skein (paid $3) made BOTH sets of fingerless gloves! 3) Brian actually LIKES his and wears them all the time! He is able to type in them very easily 4) JJ loves his and the fact that they match Daddy's.

Of course the first thing Brian had to make sure of was that he could play his video games in them! LOL!! Today he is wearing them for work. I am so happy!!! Now to just figure out this pattern for mine.....


Cindy said...

They are all so adorable! I'm just afraid we would each lose ONE of them! LOL!

Tabby said...

They look great--very 'manly'. I bet the little guy feels so special to have some that match daddy's. :)