Friday, October 5, 2007

Update from Paula

Dear Friends,

I have finally gotten some hope and therefore a chance to get home. JJ is finally starting to gain weight after 3 days of losing. As most of you know, JJ is very tiny. I had no idea just how tiny until by God's grace we ended up in the hospital ER for JJ having difficulty breathing. That remedied itself quickly, but he began losing weight, weight which he did not have to lose. And we almost lost him.

But by God's grace and mercy we have hope. They have tested and done so much to his poor tiny body, but he is a trooper! After trying several things, what is finally working for now is a feeding tube, inserted through his nose and into his intestines, totally by-passing his stomach. He is finally acting somewhat himself again and has actually gained weight. I have not had a chance to read your comments yet, and will be asking my beloved to read them over the phone to me sometime soon. I am mostly home to pay bills, shave my armpits and all that kind of stuff that cannot be done while in the hospital.

Please continue to pray for JJ. He is so frail and tiny right now. He has rumination. We have pinned it down to the stress that occurred during the time we put our house on the market and moved, and there was dissension between beloved's family and him and it seems all that was just too much stress for his little body and he began a destructive and lethal cycle. I just praise the Lord that He has not taken JJ before now and pray that He does not take JJ away from me still.

Thank you again for all your prayers. Things ARE looking good. The tube feeding is helping JJ gain weight and not be able to ruminate. He is smiling like he always does. But it will be a long long journey to recovery for him.


Stacey Jewell Stahl said...

Dear Paula and Brian, know that I am praying for JJ in New England and joining with others around the world to lift him in prayer.


Tracy said...

Thanking God that you have an answer and that the feeding tube is working. I pray that JJ continues to heal, and can come home soon.

Rebecca said...

Thanks so much for the update. My heart cries out for your family during this time but praise be to God that He has begun the healing process!

I have never heard of such a thing-and didn't even know it was possible! If it is a stress thing, how can they make sure he doesn't do it anymore?

I am just so very thankful the problem was discovered and diagnosed and speedy action was taken. It really amazes me how the Lord uses circumstances, perhaps not great ones, to work in peoples' lives. For example: at the time of JJ's difficulty breathing-you were undoubtedly scared and upset. A person NEVER wants to experience pain or bad things. But BECAUSE of JJ's difficulty breathing-he was saved! Out of that bad experience, great and WONDERFUL things came about. JJ's life and person can now be helped from the information that was discovered ONLY by that bad thing. An amazing testiment and a wonderful reminder to all people struggling with circumstances in their lives.

Anyway. Didn't mean to bring the focus away from your little guy. I am so VERY thankful that he is doing better. I am fervently praying for you ALL-as you all are being affected so tremendously by these events. The Lord is with you!!! Love always. Rebecca

Smith Family said...

Just wanted you to know i am praying for your family. That he will give you and your dh strength and JJ the right doctors.

Dianna said...

Praise the Lord that JJ is doing better and that the feeding tube is helping.
Continued prayers,

For a Season said...

So glad to hear of his progress! Will continue to pray for all of you.

Donetta said...

Oh dear ones I will be praying for all of you. May you all be comforted in this hard time. Let forgiveness flow of others and toward yourself s. (no blaming yourself) be kind to one another. May your sweet baby recover shortly. Stress is a hard thing. Your stress must also be so high right now. We know what that can be like all too well. You may try taking some B 12 sub lingual to help your selves. It really helped my family.

Angela Helff said...

I just got Terry's message from the HOME group online and wanted to stop by your blog and let you know that you and your family will remain in our thoughts and prayers. I'm so glad your little one is feeling a little better! That must have been a scary experience for your whole family. The good Lord was looking after your little boy!
Keith and Angie Helff

Sallie said...

Praying for your family for healing and blessings from God!

God bless,