Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Update From DH

Paula and JJ have been doing better. JJ is starting to gain weight at a very good rate (two to three times faster than the minimum that the doctors said they were hoping for).

He has begun mouth feedings to suppliment the tube feeds. Please pray that all food stays down and is digested well. His little body needs to grow in length, weight and head circumference. I'm also praying that his brain and organs stay strong and healthy during the jolted body growth and especially that whatever this is that has turned his system topsy-turvey will be completely and permanently healed.

Paula and JJ are currently scheduled to be released from the hospital in two weeks. Please pray that he does so well with all his feedings that they are able to be released even sooner.

Thank you all for your prayers and support. We still have a long road ahead of us even beyond these next two weeks, so please keep praying and keeping in touch. I have another heartfelt thanks to our geographically close friends and church who have really stepped up to help make Paula's long term stay in the hospital more tollerable by bringing her food and company. The picture was graciously provided by the Hanyok family.

God Bless,


Rebecca said...

So beautiful. More beautiful than words can see him smiling after all he has endured...

So SO very glad to hear this update. I keep you in my prayers daily, and I have even heard my four year old praying for your family and baby boy.

He is a beautiful sight.

Donetta said...

He is so beautiful Health is such a gift I pry it for him
Fondly Donetta

Anonymous said...

What a sweet picture! It does my heart good. I have been praying for him--and your famiy--today. Thank you for the update!

Merechel (from CMOMB)

Sallie said...

He's such a handsome fella! And still smiling through all he's been through..

God bless,

Anastasia Bergren said...

Hello Paula, I am so happy to hear that he is doing so much better. Yeah God! I will continue to pray that you can get out sooner than the 2 weeks, like you said. Good news, I got approved for the scholarship for the retreat. =)I would love to come visit you in the hospital, if you can tell me which location and room #. Thanks!