Friday, October 5, 2007

Follup on JJ - can a family ever pray hard enough?

This is Paula's husband again. JJ's condition has gone downhill. Paula needs strength, too. Please pray for her and for JJ.

There seems to be some type of blockage or condition that's keeping his food from being digested in his intestines. No digested food means no nurishment, which is very bad. Please pray that the doctors find whatever it is that's causing this problem, or that God miraculously heals him.

She's been a very diligent and loving mother - never leaving his bedside at the hospital, even though there isn't even a bed for her to sleep on.

As a husband, I feel horribly useless. Even though I'm helping out with the other three darling children, and am frequently on my knees praying, there's so little more that I can do.

I keep being reminded that God knows what's going on and cares, but for the sake of JJ we need a healing/medical miracle and very quickly! Today one of the doctors will do an examination of his digestive track - please pray that she finds where the blockage is taking place and what to do about it.

The sooner JJ begins to heal, the sooner they both get to go home for rest and recuperation.

Many tearful thanks,


Tracy said...

I've been praying daily, and will continue. Thank you for the update.

Dianna said...

Thank you for the update. I have been praying and will continue to.
Bri- I want to encourage you that I am sure in Paula's eyes you are doing wonderful in supporting her by praying and taking care of the other three blessings so that she can be by JJ's side.
I'll pass this on to some of our local mutual friends so that they can lift you all in prayer too.


Donetta said...

Be kind to your soul dear Sir. Pad your knees with gentleness.