Saturday, June 28, 2008

What To Teach Our Children?

It seems easy enough to teach our children about creation. When a child mentions that God created the world, created man, and that we did not evolve from monkeys or slime, most people can accept that that is their belief, they are a Christian.

However there are some things which get a little more tricky when teaching our children.

For example, that dinosaurs and man lived together. Can you believe there are Christians who believe that dinosaurs became extinct before God created man? There is a lot of Biblical evidence to show otherwise.

Another article also mentions that it might be possible, as some scientists believe, that some dinosaurs do still exist. There have been sightings of animals that could be dinosaurs as far back as the 1800's and as current as this century. So do you tell your children it is possible that dinosaurs still exist?

People are already leary of anyone who has such faith in the Bible. Do we follow a literal Bible or not?

What about unicorns? Believed to be a mythical creature, there are mentions of unicorns in the Bible. Do you tell your children unicorns really did exist? That one might get you several strange looks.

What to do when your child, who believes everything you say, whom you are entrusted by the Lord to teach and instruct (which is why we homeschool), tells the cashier at the grocery store that unicorns were real? Or that dinosaurs still exist?

When they are little little, others shrug it off as childish imagination. But when the child is 8, 9 and older, the parent gets a strange look. And the cashier tries to explain to the child that they are wrong. It happens all the time when Biblical truth contradicts worldly wisdom. Be it unicorns or that Jesus died on the cross for your sins, when a child mentions Biblical truth, they will be tested. While one is not essential to salvation, both are Biblical truths. And our children need to be firm in their foundation.

I am not looking forward to the trials they will go through at such an early age. Ones that their children will have to face even earlier. Our society has fallen so far away from God, that the mere mention of His name brings anger and hate. Time to sharpen some arrows. For a mighty battle is coming sooner than I would like.

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Rebecca said...

I found your links to be very insightful. I never knew of biblically documented unicorns and the present-day dinosaurs gave lots to think about too. I have always assumed what some people call 'dinosaurs' may still be around (though not the large ones, obviously.) I think of the turtle, and other repiles that scientists say lived in the time of the dinosaurs. To me, these animals are just as marvelous and are classified in the same time period.

There is a book called The TRUE Story of Noah's Ark and it tells children that dinosaurs are on board. It is amazing the inaccurate details of many Noah stories.

Thank God that our children DO believe our words! Everyone seems always to side-step things like evolution and not even bring it up, for fear of tainting their children. Or at least, everyone I am around. They all think I am NUTS to talk to my children about evolution and such. But I feel very strongly that saying something is wrong needs to be backed up with a reason WHY. So-I explain it to Corynn. And Now, my four year old laughs at the thought of man being changed from monkeys and she corrects people who refer to the earth as millions of years old! Praise God that He has formed our childrens' minds to trust and believe, and might we take lessons from them.