Monday, June 30, 2008

Herbs Herbs Herbs!


I recently got my kit from and have been enjoying it as well as the $1 trial to has two FREE e-courses that are actually really good and informative. ESPECIALLY for the beginner like me.

I paid more for my kit than the current price is. The DVD is EASY to understand and I am so excited about making my own salves and tinctures! You sign up on an email list to know when the kits are available. THERE IS NO OBLIGATION TO BUY when you sign up on the email list. BUT just by signing up, currently you get a free mp3 (they did not have that available when I signed up, but I have heard the mp3 and it is GOOD STUFF)! Then you get an email which will allow you to pre-buy the kit, which is what we did, or wait for the email to let you know the kit is now available (but if you do this they MIGHT be sold out as the only have a certain number they make each month).

Once you get your kit, you can sign up for a $1 trail of Here you have access to the forums as well as lots of articles, videos and audio mp3's. Even some books!! They just released a cookbook that deals with wild herbs! WONDERFUL! The videos and the audios are downloadable, so you can keep them and have access to them even after the trial is over. And you can put them on your iPod so you can listen to them anywhere! :) The forums have been VERY helpful and the videos, while definitely home made, are VERY simple and informative! The audios are AWESOME! I have them on my iTunes and listen to them with the children. Everything you are able to download you are able to keep! Even if you cancel your subscription! :)

I have learned a lot from the whole site and will be renewing my subscription. Some things I have learned: how to make herb cookies, how to make dandelion fritters, how to make hand creams, how to make sleep pillow with PROPER herbs (not just lavender!), how to make infusions, and how to help JJ by getting bitters into his diet (yep, a personal question about JJ was answered and it was VERY helpful!).

We have used the free video lessons, the kit and the forum and videos for our homeschooling and it is so GREAT to be teaching the next generation about this lost art of using the herbs that God gave us!

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