Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday's Fun: Gardening

We just bought some lavender, rosemary (well a spring of rosemary really), a dying strawberry plant, and a dying pumpkin plant.

The girls had a BLAST helping us pick out the plants! And I have had to play catch up in learning how to care for them!

I did well planting the lavender and rosemary together as they grow well together. However I learned a new term.

Tender Perennial. Of course I did not know that rosemary was a tender perennial when I bought it.

So what is a tender perennial?

"A perennial plant that is not hardy in cold climates, where it may be grown as an annual."

Oh man! it does not like the mountains! BUMMER! At least I only paid $1 for it. I will TRY to bring it in before the first frost (hopefully I won't kill it before then and transplanting it for a second time won't kill it either).

Anyways, I found a great page that talks about winterizing the herb garden.

The girls are enjoying learning about taking care of the garden. It has been wonderful learning about lavender! The girls love the smell and our first project is harvesting some so we can make sachets to go by each of their beds!

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