Friday, December 8, 2006

The Meaning of the Season and Don't Save It All For Christmas Day

I must admit that I find it horribly frustrating as a Christian that at a time of the year when we are supposed to be focused on Christ we can become some of the most selfish and gluttonous people. I admit that I love candy and cookies and breads as much as the next person, but too much is too much! I find myself wanting to eat things that I normally don't crave throughout the year. Maybe it is because all the best baking happens around this time of year. Maybe if we indulged just a little bit here and there throughout the year (like why do we only make cherry cordials this time of year, why not in Feb for Valentine's and in May for May day?) we wouldn't be so inclined to indulge at Christmas. Maybe this is a good lesson to enjoy everyday. Maybe by allowing ourselves only a short time of the year to bake these things, we are creating an excuse to over indulge in them. And then we are miserable, wondering why we let ourselves be so gluttonous and vow next year NOT to do the same.

It is the same with finances too. When we save and save and save and never have any fun with it, we usually end up doing one of two things:
*either we make ourselves miserable because we never have any fun and so we resent having to save and save and save
*or we end up nickel and dimeing ourselves into debt because we feel that we are saving our money so a little bit here and there won't hurt.

Why not start a small spending fund. Every time you have spare change or money left over from the budgeted groceries, etc. put it into a jar. My husband and I actually give ourselves an allowance each month to spend on things that we really don't have money in the budget for. It helps us to keep to the budget AND we are not miserable. We are able to enjoy life a bit (a small cookie at the bakery for each of the kids and myself, that movie that we just really really wanted, that new shade of lipstick that I don't really need but want).

Anyways, I guess my ramblings are more just a reminder to enjoy things throughout the year and don't save it all for Christmas day.

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