Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!!

I am actually quite amazed at how wonderful Christmas turned out for us this year! We are in our new house (which was such a blessing from God). All of the girls only got a small handful of presents but were JOYFULLY pleased with what they did receive (oh how I love when they are happy with so little!!!!). And it was baby JJ's first Christmas. It was so sweet. He was so excited about all his gifts (he is 7 months old now). And the girls ,each one excited about their gift. I will post layouts soon. As you know I love scrapbooking in order to capture precious memories that fade WAY too fast as the children grow WAY too fast.

So, how our Christmas was: we woke up and had breakfast and then all sat down around the nativity scene. The girls act it out while Daddy reads. Then the children look for the hidden nail (like the tradition of the hidden pickle, but we use a nail from the cross - more of a spike than a nail really). Then whoever finds the nail talks about what it represents.

Whoever finds the nail gets to pick the first gift. They give it to whose name is on the gift. That person opens the gift and we all watch. After thanks are given, that person gets to pick a gift to give. This goes on until every gift under the tree is given. Then they get to open their stockings.
It really was so peaceful and joyful (well until momma got tense because she really wanted video tape of baby JJ playing with his gift and the other girls were enjoying the gift more than him). But Momma changed her attitude pretty quickly and all was well.

Well, blah blah blah, I feel like I have just babbled on. I hope that you had a merry Christmas!

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