Thursday, December 28, 2006

Fabric Paper Dolls

This is from The Common Room.

I am posting it here JUST IN CASE the other site is taken down (you know how that can be).


Fabric Paper Dolls

Use a large gingerbread cookie cutter for a pattern. Trace and cut out a figure from felt or other scrap fabric, a solid color. Dip this in a mixture of boiled cornstarch and water (about 1 tablespoon of starch in two cups of water. Let dry on waxed paper.

Sew or attach velcro, snaps, or a button to the doll's front. Make her face with fabric scraps, needlepoint, markers, or fabric paint.

Cut other dress shapes (using the cookie cutter as a pattern) from other scraps of fabric and attach velcro, snaps, or put in button holes on the front. Dip these in starch and water and let them dry, too. These make nice paper dolls because they don't tear, the dresses can match your child's, and they store nicely.

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