Friday, December 29, 2006

Craft Blog AND Monograming without an embroidery machine

In an effort to learn more about sewing/crocheting, I of course turn to the TALENTED ladies who are wonderful enough to SHARE how they do things!!

There is a WONDERFUL blog (Craft Apple) that I just learned about from Lorrie that I have been loving going through. I won't post EVERYTHING from there from the past (you can just go and search the archives), but I do want to share the things that interest me that I think might interest you as well.

I recently came across this how-to for Monogramming Without an Embroidery Machine. I thought it would make some great gifts (NEVER to early to get started on gifts - we buy throughout the year, why not MAKE throughout the year too! That way, come birthday, or surprise party, or Christmas, we can go into our homemade stash and grab something).

While this is for a letter to monogram something, I thought it can also be used for simple shapes (smiley face, heart, flower) too.

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