Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tuesday Link Up - crafts

I am a huge fan of Tasha Tudor. If you don't know anything about her, I highly suggest heading over to your library and getting anything about her or by her. Your children will love her cute pictures and writings and you will love her ...LIFE. :) I recently heard about a pattern for a shawl of hers and went searching all of the internet for it. I have found a link that seems to be the one. Tasha Tudor's Shawl pattern is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL shawl!

A for warmth (as it does get pretty cold here), I am looking to make a cowl or gaiter.
Sew Your Own Neck Gaiter seems really fast and easy and I have seen others who made this pattern really sing it's praises.
Baby It's Cowled Outside is an adorable lacy crocheted cowl.
A practical and knitted cowl
Ice Queen makes me want to learn how to knit. This is simply beautiful!

This is a GREAT way to revamp those burp cloths that are getting a little nasty OR to even make NEW for a new baby. Basket-O-Burpies

Oh it does not get any better (or CUTER) than this! Need some matching sweaters for your girl's summer dresses? What better way than to do a cardigan hack?!?!

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