Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday's Three Things Finance

Three things I learned about finances this past week:

I recently have been hearing the buzz about Swap Tree. It is basically like Paperback Swap, only you can trade for CD's, DVD's or video games. And you get/give ratings (like on ebay), so you trade only with those who have good ratings. You pay only the shipping and Swap Tree does all the work to find the trade for you. It is free to join!

I finally know how to spend my part of the stimulus check. I love digital scrapbooking. I am a member at the WONDERFUL Digital Scrapbooking Artisan Guild. I LOVE their kits (and this month includes a whole BRAG BOOK!!!) and their Artisan Notebook is WAY better than digital scrapbooking magazine (and there are freebies hidden in the newsletter too - it is like a mini class every month!)!! I am going to extend my membership for a FULL YEAR!! WOOHOO!!!

I included a link below about SAHMs taking advantage of having a ROTH IRA. PLEASE read it. And please set yourself up with one. This would be a GREAT thing to do with your stimulus check. DO NOT put off saving up for retirement just because it seems so far away and there are other "pressing" issues right now. We are in our mid thirties and really regret NOT starting earlier.

Three links to help you with your finances:

Creating An Asset Allocation

The Magic Of Thinking Small - GREAT advice about starting small. You did not get into debt overnight, you most likely won't get rich overnight either.

Spousal IRAs Make Sense For SAHMs - I had NO IDEA that you could do this until a few years ago. OH - all that we missed out on! If NOTHING else, you can use your stimulus check to get yourself set up with one (Roth IRA at 8%), and then at least you have one! Let compound interest work for you - leave it alone (or add to it when you can). And get free money for retirement!!!

Three financial links for articles I have read recently:

Decide To Be Rich - "You can live rich or you can be rich." This article might be a hard pill to swallow for some, but WOW! This is a must read.

It's Only $5.00! - great article about peer pressure in shopping (have no idea what I am talking about, click it). :)

Advice For Those Who Didn't Start Saving Early

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