Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thinking Like A Millionaire

OK, so it is common knowledge that if you want to be a millionaire, you have to THINK like a millionaire.

I cannot remember where I read the following (which I will paraphrase big time), but it has stuck with me for a few months now.

Basically, if a person needs to invest so much money a month, but doesn't have that amount to invest (to be a millionaire by retirement for example), the poor will say "I don't have that much money to spare!" whereas the rich will say "where can I get an extra so much money to invest?"

With inflation and such, my beloved and I will need 3.5 million to retire on just to live once he "retires". I put retires in quotes because my beloved will work as long as there is work to be done, but in his field, you usually are ousted once you start getting "old." Used to be a million was WORTH something. Now, we are playing catch up (if only we had invested $200 a month from our youth (I know, 34 isn't old, but in financial years, IT IS OLD!), we would be well on our way to be millionaires. Now we will have to invest near $671 a month and that is just to get to 1 million by the time beloved retires.

I was also reading that there are people out there on half the salary that my husband is making and still surviving AND putting aside money for retirement. OH HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO PUT MONEY AWAY FOR RETIREMENT!!!! We get so focused on what we want and think we need NOW, that we are throwing away our future!

So, we want to be able to max out BOTH beloved's and my RothIRA's. We want to be able to tithe 10%. We want our ER fund to be $24,000. We want to own our home free and clear (just like we do our car). The rest is what we will live on.

So after finally finding a budget that works for us, we just tweaked it again. :) Just a little bit here and there in order to make our retirement dreams (maxed out RothIRA's, tithing and owning our home) come true. We found the extra so much money in order to make it happen!! Now, we just need to pray for the contentment to live on the rest! :) Which honestly is not that small of an amount considering that people are able to live off this amount. Beloved and I just need to learn to be better stewards. :) And be more content with what we have.

And what a great example to the children!! Mommy, why don't you buy that new thing you want? There is something that Mommy wants more honey. :) I have seen my children withholding and waiting for better than what they were going to go for. Still working on the BEST part. But better is one step towards best. :)

And I just have to add this side note: We are SO EXCITED! We got our tax refund back yesterday, and tomorrow we will be going to pay off the second mortgage on the house!!! The only debt we will now owe is the house!! PRAISE GOD!!! I truly do believe that God blesses those that are faithful in little.

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