Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday's Fun: Finger Knitting

EE just finished her first finger knitted scarf/headband. She could have done it in like ten minutes, but she got tired and put it aside and it got LOST until today. I did not think MM (4yr) was old enough to do it, but I was WRONG! She not only LOVED it (she asked me to show her how to finger knit), but she created a way to do it that was easier for her little fingers!!

Instead of bringing the string across all four fingers, she brought it across one, and jumped over. Then she brought it over the next finger in sequence, and jumped over. SHE LOVES finger knitting, even brings it to work on in the car! And she wants to teach everyone she knows! :) I AM SO PROUD OF HER!!!

Here are some GREAT tutorials!

This is the easiest and most direct video. Also the shortest:

Here is another one that is even shorter, but might be more difficult for younger children (but I really like it!):

CUTE instructional video for kids BY kids - this is the way EE did hers and I like that way it looks MUCH better than the weaving that you see in other videos:

I have never seen it done this way. Below is single stitch. I personally like the one with it over all four fingers, but for those who wonder:

Using the single method to make a flower:

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