Thursday, March 1, 2007

God's Protection

Rocks in My Dryer posted a sobering post. We have all been there. Taking our eyes off our kids while we are doing something else and then BAM! Something bad happens. Something that could be life threatening. It is very sobering when you see God's hand protecting your children. His eyes are always on our children, even when ours aren't.

I think the most VIVID memory I have of God's protection on my children (and I have PLENTY of examples, even with our recently baby JJ), is when my oldest (now 7yr, then she was 4 months) was lying on the floor while I was doing some cleaning and rearranging. She was directly under a glass chandelier in our dining room area. I lifted up a chair, it hit and swung the chandelier up to the ceiling where it crashed. Chards of SHARP glass came hurdling towards my precious baby girl. AMAZINGLY, there was a circle of protection around her. There was a PERFECT circle about a foot on either side of her! I cut my hands just picking up the glass and cannot imagine what would have happened had God not protected her!

VERY sobering. There are MANY other moments like this where I have realized that God must have a special plan for my children because what they have done or what has happened to (or near them) should have been fatal, yet God keeps them alive.

I think it is good to think on these times. God told his people to build piles of stones to help remind them of certain events. It is good to remember these times, that God is always watching over us and our children and protecting them. After all, they are His. It is good to remember His goodness. So I would LOVE for you to share (one or more) events where you have seen God's protection on your children. If you post on your blog, Please post a link in the comments so we can visit your page. :)

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