Thursday, March 29, 2007

Get Your Books Into the Gutter!

RAIN GUTTER that is! :)
No, this is not my basement, but this is an example of what I hope to be doing soon.

My children LOVE books. The first place the beg to goto when we get to Goodwill is the book section. They could spend HOURS there. But I have found at home, that my children have SO MANY books, that they have become overwhelmed and just don't realize WHAT is there. Mostly because they are all shoved together on a shelf, they can't SEE what is there. I notice that when I leave a book or two lying around, one that I want them to read, then they will pick up the book, thinking it is NEW and ask me to read it to them. It is not new, it was just not able to be seen because of the way it was stored.

These rain gutter book shelves are a GREAT way to allow your children to SEE the books they have. You might just notice Junior picking up more and more books to read or ask you to read. I plan on taking a BOOK shelf every month and spreading them out on gutters like this. Then switching out with another shelf and so on and so forth.


Jess Connell said...

WHAT a cute idea! You'll have to share pictures once you do yours.

Ann @TheAssetEdge said...

I've never seen anything like this - what a clever idea!!!

I wonder if they sell gutters in good condition at Habitat homestores...

ann at mommysecrets :)