Thursday, May 11, 2006

Free Patterns (sewing)

Some people are addicted to collecting fabric. I am addicted to collecting free online patterns.

I am sure everyone know about the site and the free patterns. And of course there is always the brand name stores and their online freebie patterns. But I had not seen this one from Bella Online before, so I thought I would share it here. Some things I had never seen before (like the purse you can make out of an old bra) as well as some most of us have (like the quillow aka stadium/car blanket).

I am not sure WHY I am online right now (especially considering this baby could come any minute), except it is an addiction. I love finding things for FREE! Especially things that people are charging SO MUCH for!

Also, if you are interested in making your own cloth diapers, may I direct you to Crystal's blog? She just made some for her daughter, and gives some great tips. Now, of course I have never sewed these, nor have I ever sewed anything with elastic! But still, the free pattern collector that I am, I could not resist collecting these patterns! Be sure to scroll down on her blog to see the pictures of how they look (way too cute!). She also has lots of great recipes and articles (things like hair care and such). Her blog is one to add to your favorites as well as get as RSS feed for!

And one not to miss. Placemat Purse! I LOVE finding new ways to use old things! If you have any links for ways to turn "trash to treasure" please do share them!

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