Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Worthy of Wedding...

A new internet friend recently remarried for the second time nearly two years after her first husband's death. She looked so beautiful - full of joy!

Of course, me, I cannot even imagine marrying another man after losing Brian. But then again, I AM currently blessed to STILL be married to him all these 13+ years. :D So I guess it is a good thing that I cannot picture myself ever loving another man.

Smokey Feet

But I began to think about what would attract another man to me should I need to remarry.

I am not a good cook.
I am lazy.
I do not keep a very clean and orderly home.
I do not homeschool the typical way.
I need to lose ... weight. ;)
I am not as submissive as I should be.

Well, you get the idea. My list started getting pretty long.

And then I started thinking. First, I need to kiss my husband's feet for staying with and loving someone like me for as long as he has! :D I need to be more grateful to him! :D

But secondly, that I can become a better woman for the man I have NOW. Make him proud to be married to me. Be all the things I am praying my girls are so they can be worthy of a godly man for a husband. Be all those things in my list that I am not, but that I know my husband not only needs, but deserves.

I know my man will always love me. I am so thankful I can be secure in that. Especially in this day and age where divorces are rampant. I know he knows my faults, and loves me in spite of them. And he always will. But how much more special and meaningful to him, for me to change and be better. I know that our home is not on this earth. And that time here is very short and precious. I want to do everything I can, now, while we are both here together, to show him how much I value him.

I never thought about that. My lack of keeping the home clean and organized shows a lack of my value in my husband. I mean if someone special was coming over (hey, even if it was just the news station with video cameras to video the house), wouldn't I make more of an effort? How much more special and of value is my man than the CBS cameraman?

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rebecca lydia said...

hi paula,

i saw you asking about eggs on a blog about coconut flour recipes, because your son is allergic to eggs. i might be really late on a response, but being a vegetarian, i know that many egg substitutes exist. i'm sure you can find some in the grocery store by the eggs. you might want to try one of the recipes listed on that site for coconut flour bread, etc. with egg substitute. it might not be miraculous and you might have to give it a whirl a few times before getting a good yield, but i think it's worth a try!!!