Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Movies - A Charlie Brown Christmas

OK, so my husband, being totally a Charlie Brown himself, loves this movie. We watch it at least twice during the season.

It does have the redeeming value of it actual has Scripture in the movie talking about the TRUE meaning of Christmas.

However, that being said, I will admit that I did NOT let the children watch this when they were younger. Having three daughters, they would look at Lucy as an example. Lucy is a very harsh little girl. And she is a bit of a bully.

Now you may disagree with me, and that is totally fine. But I wanted my children to have an understanding of how to behave properly before watching. Yes, I might be a bit more protective (I am sure some of you are reading OVER protective), but there is no harm in waiting a few years before showing a movie to your child. :D

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Devildogwife said...

You know what works best for you kids, so it doesn't really matter what others think. ;)