Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Carols - Love Came Down At Christmas

I love love LOVE this song. I heard it first just a couple of years ago on a Shawl Colvin album my husband bought. I LOVE her version. Sadly, I cannot find a copy of it anywhere online for you to hear. There is a very nice Jars of Clay version all OVER youtube, but this version I shear comes CLOSEST to Shawn Colvin's version:

I just love Ravelry. A complete stranger (to me, but won't be after this, I am gonna track her down! :D ) found a link for the version of the son I was wanting to share!! THANK YOU (you know who you are!!!).

SO HERE is the way to listen to this song! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this CD and it is almost practically all I listen to at Christmas!

Love Came Down At Christmas, by Shawn Colvin

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