Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Movies - Elf

Yep, call me a heathen, but I love the movie


Will Ferrel can sometimes be a bit much, but he does it just right in Elf. We watch this movie at LEAST 3 times during the season. I quote this movie a little bit too.

I will warn that there is one bad word in here, said twice, with an accompanying action. This happens near the end of the movie. The son says it, then the father repeats him. My children know where this scene is, and we just skip over it (at least until we get a Clear Play). :D

I like smiling...Smiling's my favorite!

Please share some of your favorite movies in the comments below!!


Meredith said...

Paula, my husband and son howled with laughter when Elf came on TV last year. Our favorite part is when he builds the Lego scene as he decorates the store overnight.

Tabby said...

This movie has always been a 'guilty' favorite of mine, too! LOL I loved it, but remember thinking 'I'm not sure I'd let my kids watch it'. It's been quite a while since I've seen it, though. Will have to re-watch it--and I really think my kids would love it, too. Thanks for the reminder about the 'bad' part, will watch out for it.