Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday Link Up

Want a fabric shopping bag WITHOUT all that sewing and cutting? Try
using an old T-shirt. These are SO CUTE and SO EASY! And what a GREAT way to use up that souvenir shirt that you just had to have but never wear! Every time you go shopping, you will remember the great time you had on vacation! :D

Just sew a hem and cut off the neck and sleeves and you have a reusable shopping bag! "SEW" easy even your little girls can make their own bag! WOW!!! This is so great! I was also thinking, about those shirts that are really worn, instead of using them as dust rags, sew them up and use them as garbage bags! Just one more way to reduce the amount of plastic you are using! :)

These little booklets are so cute and easy to make!! These would make GREAT stocking stuffers for the shabby chic friend you have OR even better, maybe you have a littler author in your midsts (our little AA LOVES to write stories). I plan on making a small handful for her to "publish" her stories. Then she can give her publish stories as gifts! Don't forget to take a picture to put on the front page and make an "about the author" page. These make GREAT gifts for the Grandparents!

Oh I just LOVE this site! I have seen paper dolls before, but these are GREAT! All different kinds from all different time periods. AND THE BETSY MCCALL DOLLS! all of them!! WOW!!!

THIS IS SO COOL! Neat crafts to do with the kids, and don't even get me started on how COOL those placemat purses are! YES, you heard right, PLACEMAT PURSES!

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