Monday, October 9, 2006


Ok, so I am so thankful that the lady who bought aprons from Kitchen Wears shared how pleased she was with these aprons! Last month I ordered three for each of my girls (sale at $5 each) and they were out of the adult ones. Well, I must admit I feel like I robbed her at $5 each, because I would have paid more than that for the fabric alone! The quality of the fabric (and stitching) is so good that I cannot believe she is able to sell these for so low.

Well, she updated!! I just got three more aprons for my girls (so nice that they can put them on themselves because there are no ties!). They also use them as pinafores to keep their dresses clean while they are out playing.

AND they updated the women's adult sale aprons too. And they are only $12 (used to be sale price $15, but I think because the selection is so limited she marked them down). So I bought two for myself. I am so excited because again, I know it would have cost me more than $12 for the fabric (considering the quality of the fabric) and the stitching and time --- which I am so limited on.

So anyways, I just wanted to let you know about the updates to the sale pages!!

Oh, and to let you know that these can fit as small as a three year old (because my almost 3 year old fits into it perfectly --- longer on her than on my 6yr, but definitely not too long).

Blessings, Paula

PS... next post will have pictures of the girls in their aprons along with an EASY recipe that all your children 2 1/2 years+ can help with.

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