Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Easy Recipe All The Children Can Help With - Lentil Loaf

Here are all three girls helping in the kitchen to make Lentil Loaf. A very quick and easy recipe that all the kids 2 1/2yr and older can help with.

First, cook 1 cup lentils in 2 cups veggie broth (you can use chicken broth, but we are vegetarian).

While the lentils are cooking, have your children help!

Here is my almost three year old breaking 2 slices of bread into a bowl. This bowl is where everything is mixed in so it is in the middle. You can use two slices of dry bread, but it tastes just as good with bread that is not dry.

Here is my 6yr with a Pampered Chef knife slicing one medium leek. After she gets a few slices done, she puts them into the bowl in front of her younger sister.

Here is my 4yr with a butter knife (just the knife that comes with the spoons and forks). She is cutting 8oz of mushrooms into small pieces and putting them into the bowl next to her in front of little sister.

After everything is in the bowl, I usually let my 2 yr sprinkle basil into the bowl. Use as much as you like. Then add a bit of salt and pepper.

Shred cheddar cheese about 1 cup and add to bowl.

By now the lentils should be done. Add to bowl and stir well.

Put into a baking dish and bake at 375F for 45 minutes, or until brown and cooked through.

This serves our family of five for now, but we do have a lot of fixings on the side. A huge bowl of salad for each child (yes, my 2yr eats salad). Cut up veggies (usually broccoli or asparagus) as well as a mixed veggie mixture of corn, carrots and peas.

My daughters get SO EXCITED to make this because they have made it enough times now that they can practically make it on their own! 6yr gets all the ingredients out of the fridge, as well as the knifes and bowl to put everything in. the 4yr gets everyone their cutting board. I just have to start the lentils, add the lentils and put in baking dish and into oven.

I hope you and your family enjoy making this recipe together!

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