Thursday, September 7, 2006

The Democrats Did It To Themselves

Ok, so this MIGHT start a debate (which I am not trying to do). I find it so VERY interesting that a group of people who so strongly believe in evolution (survival depends on not just the fittest, but also reproduction) are slowly weeding themselves out through having no children or just one. Just one more argument for having more and more and MORE children! LOL!!!

And another thing, even though I am really not very political at all, I just heard about a movie that is showing at the film fesitival in Toronto by a British filmaker that shows the assasination of President Bush. While the US is not too big on picketing movies, if this one ever does get picked up to be shown here, I think this is definately one worth picketing!!!! No matter your views on Bush, any movie showing the assasignation of a living president should be banned.

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