Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Little Helpers

I am so thankful that I had girls first. They are all such little helpers with the new baby.

I think the next thing I am going to train my oldest (6yr) to do it to put away groceries. ESPECIALLY the cold and frozen items. She is so great when we are in the grocery store. She will remind the cashier to pack all the cold and frozen items in seperate bags and together. It makes it so much easier when time is short (like the baby is screaming and you need to tend to them) so you can just put THOSE bags away and not worry about a frozen item being in with the cereal and you forgot it and now it is bad. You know what I mean.

She knows where most everything goes anyway. So it shouldn't be too terribly hard. And I know that every time she gets a new responsibility (I think I like calling them that instead of chores), she feels more and more like a good wife and mother. She knows that she is practicing. I have explained to her that Momma never really learned to be a good keeper at home. The Bible tells us that as women, we are to be keepers at home. Momma is learning to obey God's word and instructing her (and her sisters) to obey God's word. We are learning and "practicing" together, and it is WONDERFUL!

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